Our Story

Since 1899

Our Commitment

Fil+usine means "thread factory" in French, and since 1899, we've been devoted to producing high quality towels that bring happiness.

We obsess over thread.

By using threads with unique characteristics such as those blended with linen, non-twisted threads, ones enhanced by collaborating with spinning companies in addition to regular cotton threads, we are able to create towels with refined textures.

We use high quality water.

Soft water with minimal fiber-damaging impurities is the most suitable for processing thread. The Imabari area of Japan has an abundance of this soft water, as well as underground water veins flowing from Mount Ishizuchi and the Sosha River. This natural gift enables us to create towels fluffy and soft to the touch.

We treat our looms well.

We are always incorporating new looms and training skilled technicians so that we can continue creating towels that elevate the daily comfort of those who use them.

We love our customers.

Creating safe and reliable towels utilizing knowledge gained over our 120 years of history has always been what we've strived for, and by integrating fresh ideas into our product development, we can provide daily moments of happiness and satisfaction to every one of our customers.

About Imabari Towel

Imabari towels are made in the northern part of Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku Island, Japan, and are nurtured by a mild climate and high-quality soft water that is ideal for towel making. The towels are made by the "Saki-Sashi" method. By bleaching and dyeing the threads first, a softer texture can be achieved, and complex and delicate patterns can be produced by jacquard weaving.